Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain technology would transform networks of Enterprises and Business ecosystems the way enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for a single company starting in late 1970's.

Blockchain would disrupt the established business models dramatically with its underlying technology and platform which promises data immutability and transparency, by leveraging its distributed ledger functionality.

Blockchain will integrate information and process within and across enterprise boundaries and has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, increase protection against cyber security and reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries.

Blockchain can offer you a compelling option when data that should be stored collectively is fragmented at the source or there is an absence of data security. Some benefits of leveraging this technology include data reconciliation, standardization and harmonization and reduced risks.

Our approach to blockchain starts with a maturity assessment where various service lines can support the following enterprise developments

  • Creating organizational awareness. The aim of the first phase is to raise the level of your awareness, working together to identify blockchain potential.
  • Performing a blockchain opportunity assessment. During the second phase, the focus is on identifying the areas of application and use cases that would bring the highest added value.
  • Developing a transformation road map. In the third phase, we help consolidate, prioritize and build a multi-phase transformational road map.
  • Supporting implementation. In this phase, we support you with the definition and implementation of proofs of concept, pilots and full-scale blockchain implementations integrated with your organization and its value chain.
  • Use our insights to learn more about how blockchain could help your organization

How can EPIC help you – List of Service Offerings

Enterprise Blockchain Services:

Blockchain technology can transform the way trade and business transactions are conducted today. It will make the enterprise transactions more secure, reliable and safe with its decentralized database record keeping technology. EPIC Offers Comprehensive services for Enterprises of all sizes

  1. ICO Consulting
  2. Enterprise Grade Crypto-Currency Applications
  3. Ideation & Strategy Consulting
  4. Technical Feasibility Evaluation
  5. Platform and Product Recommendations
  6. Design Business Case and Business Plan
  7. Business Blueprinting Services
  8. Design PoCs and Prototypes
  9. Develop DApps & Smart Contracts
  10. End to End Enterprise Integration
  11. Application Audit and Validation
  12. Legal and Tax compliance Consulting
  13. Design Guiding Principles and Organizational Policies

Services for Government and Public Sector Agencies:

Many Countries and Cities across the world have already kick started major initiatives around blockchain as part of their digital strategy. EPIC can bring unique value add in this space with these service offerings that help both Government as well as Non Profit Organizations

  1. Regulation & Legal Framework Design and Implementation Services
  2. Land Registration Management
  3. Voting & Election Management
  4. Government Contract Administration
  5. Citizen Health Service Management
  6. Fraud Detection and Control Management
  7. Support for Philanthropic Initiatives (Orchestrated and Championed by Non Profit Organizations - NFOs & NGOs)