Management Consulting

EPIC Consulting enables organizations to re imagine their future and create sustainable and lasting business value. As our experienced consultants sit at the intersection of industry, process and technology, we are uniquely positioned to drive measurable results for your organization

EPIC Service Offerings

EPIC is uniquely positioned to offer services that provide a link between business and IT, and help you to stay ahead of the constantly changing technology landscape. Our consultants help companies navigate the complexity of today's dynamic environment while addressing critical issues of new business models, risk, governance, data and security – all of it while keeping a sharp eye on cost, quality and productivity

EPIC service offerings primarily focuses on five areas.
Strategy Consulting

Strategic consulting services aimed at Corporate and Business unit strategy as well as services to align and stay in compliance with government policies

Operations Consulting

This service offering focused on operational performance, spanning supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and outsourcing.

Financial Advisory

Covers consulting services such as corporate finance, restructuring and actuarial services.

HR Consulting

Advisory services that revolve around human capital matters and related offerings aimed at the HR function.

Technology Consulting

IT services aimed at improving and managing the IT-infrastructure of organisations.

ERP Business Transformation

ERP is the backbone of any successful enterprise. Every single department and functional area including but not limited to sales, marketing, procurement, supply chain and finance solely depend on their ERP systems for their day to day operations and also to drive strategic initiatives.

Maintaining a competitive edge means building a Modern, Cutting Edge Digital Enterprise that’s capable of taking full advantage of social, mobile, web, big data, cloud and analytic technologies. It requires transforming your business into an Intuitive Enterprise that anticipates future needs and delivers insights that lead to first mover advantage.

It also requires integration of people, processes, and capabilities to deliver a completely integrated omni-channel experience. EPIC’s ERP Transformation and Digitization Consultants operate at the intersection of strategy, implementation and creative capabilities to help your customers re-imagine how profits are made, reshape how the work gets done, and rewire the competitive fabric of your respective industries and Lines of Business.

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Blockchain technology would transform networks of Enterprises and Business ecosystems the way enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for a single company starting in late 1970's. Blockchain would disrupt the established business models dramatically with its underlying technology and platform which promises data immutability and transparency, by leveraging its distributed ledger functionality.

Blockchain will integrate information and process within and across enterprise boundaries and has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, increase protection against cyber security and reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries.

Blockchain can offer you a compelling option when data that should be stored collectively is fragmented at the source or there is an absence of data security. Some benefits of leveraging this technology include data reconciliation, standardization and harmonization and reduced risks.